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GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND MEET PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. Walk up to them and say, “Hello.” What if you were standing next to someone at the produce aisle that could be the greatest love of your life, but could barely make eye contact with them because you were afraid? “Hello” could be the life-changing word in your life. Isn’t knowing better than wondering?”


If you’re still afraid to said “Hi” to the guy/girl you’ve been crushing on since the start of school, this article might be the push you need to strike up a conversation with the person you’ve been pining for!


In honour of Valentine’s Day, my blog posts this week will all consist of links to interesting articles/videos that revolve around the topic of love!


First in the series: Grab a mug of hot chocolate and watch this fascinating lecture about the psychological theories of love and attraction delivered by Peter Solovey, a professor of psychology and the President of Yale University.

Specific topics include the different types of love, the circumstances that predict attraction, and the situations where people mistakenly attribute arousal for love.