I’ve always been an avid traveller; I love discovering new places and I tend to adapt pretty quickly to new environments. Thus, it was natural for me to assume throughout high school that I would be going away for university. When I decided to stay in Mississauga for various reasons (see my first blog post), the trade-off would be that I would spend all my summers away.

I strongly believe in travelling as a way to foster an independent spirit and build incredible memories that you will remember your whole life. It is while hanging on to my dear life on a picky picky in Nairobi or getting completely lost in Calgary that I discovered what I was truly capable of doing.

While school provides you with a lot of theoretical knowledge, travelling will give you street smarts that you wouldn’t be able to acquire within the four walls of a classroom.

This summer, I’m challenging YOU to face your fears, get out of Mississauga and see a bit more of the world.

This challenge is aimed particularly at utmONErs who are commuters, as often times living with our parents and enjoying a home-cooked meal every day gives us the luxury to live a rather sheltered existence.

Living by yourself for a summer means that you have to do your own budgeting, go grocery shopping, learn to cook edible meals for yourself and pay your rent on time amongst other things. These are all skills that will be essential post-graduation.

I also think that once we graduate and have to hold on to a steady job, it will become much more difficult for us to do some of the things that we fantasize about.

For me, one of these fantasies includes spending a few months working in the touristic activities department at a resort in Banff (one of the most beautiful places ever!). Since I don’t plan on having a career in the tourism industry, this will probably be my only chance to spend a whole summer in the Canadian Rockies.

I have a bucket list of things that I hope to do before I graduate (although, I know that realistically, it won’t be possible to do all of these because I only have 3 summers to go and way too many things on my list!). Here are also some ideas of cool things you should consider applying for:

  • The Parliamentary Guide Summer Program in Ottawa – How cool would it be to interact with visitors from around the world and get to see democracy in action?


  • Internships at the Girls Action Foundation in Montreal – I’m a huge fan of the work the organization is doing and they have an amazing team!


  • Whale Watching Tour Host/Hostess in British Columbia – How cool would that be?!!


  • Summer Green Technology Certificate in Saskatchewan- Perfect for Environmental Studies majors!


  • Camp Winston in Orillia – If you want to do something meaningful this summer, consider this incredible residential camp that welcomes hundreds of special needs children every year!


Now tell us: What is on YOUR bucket list that you hope to cross off after this summer?