I’ve never been much of a TV watcher. Growing up, I loved the company of books much more than that of a televised screen. Even at the height of my teenage years when my friends were obsessed with Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, I fell into a world of confusion when listening to them speculate about the identity of “A” or whether Blair and Chuck would get back together. Then, last summer everything changed.

I went off to Alberta to take on a summer position and it didn’t take me very long to realize that there weren’t many sources of entertainment in the small town where I was going to spend the next three months.

Having lived in urban environments all my life, I found it somewhat amazing that one could walk from the northern part of town to the southern part in less than an hour. There wasn’t much to do except go to the pool place or to downtown bars. Since I don’t actually know how to play pool and I wasn’t legally able to drink, the only thing I could do in the evening and on rainy weekends (floods devastated entire communities in other parts of the province last summer) was watch TV. The only problem was that the choice of channels was VERY limited at the college where I had rented a room. I had three choices: the weather network, the shopping channel and a local news station.

That’s when I got hooked on TV series. In the space of about two months, my roommate and I probably watched every episode of The Big Bang Theory at least 20 times. We regularly planned season marathons of TBBT and often fell asleep to it. I think that the thing that attracted me most to this TV series was that I could somewhat relate to most of the main characters. I consider myself to be a rather socially awkward person, and it was reassuring to feel that I wasn’t alone in my awkwardness. It is also an incredibly funny and super entertaining show!

Olivia Pope

My most recent obsession is the TV show Scandal. Being a bit of a politics junkie, I love all the drama that revolves around The White House, and the script is so well written and has so many fascinating plot twists that it keeps its viewers coming back every week. Something that is very rare in TV, and that I find amazing, is that the main character Olivia Pope represents two groups that are vastly underrepresented in the media; women and minority groups. Rather than present another female character whose only goal is to get a guy, Pope is a strong, powerful and brilliant woman who is extremely good at her job as a “fixer”. I also have to admit that I am jealous of her wardrobe; I’m completely in love with everything Olivia Pope has worn so far…her taste in clothes is just flawless!

Now tell us: What T.V show has gotten YOU hooked?