We began today’s utmONE Connect session by playing the “ring game”.  It is a problem-solving activity and the aim of the game is to try getting the black circle out of the wooden structure. This activity did a marvellous job of bringing out the competitive streak in all of us and collaboratively, we spent almost half an hour trying to figure out a way to solve the given problem. Better than any ice-breaker, the “ring game” brought all of us closer together and allowed us to truly feel part of a team. After two months of time off, the game also allowed me to re-discover the intellectual stimulation provided by the act of problem solving and the joys one gets after figuring out the solution to a rather challenging problem. I envision this school year to be full of opportunities to challenge ourselves and think creatively so as to find innovative solutions to academic and personal problems and I can’t wait to start working on tackling them!